“Most impressive is the youthful, animated and passionate John Dewey as Jim. Mr. Dewey’s intensity and everyman presence energizes the play.” -TheaterScene.net


the Buddy Holly story

“But the center of “The Buddy Holly Story” is Buddy. John Dewey IS Buddy Holly. I can’t use capital letters large enough to tell you how good Dewey is, black, horned rimmed glasses and all. His voice, his words, his music, his persona! He will take you back in time.” -Delaware County Daily Times

As Buddy Holly, John Dewey inhabits the role… [his] tour de force performance as Buddy Holly is subtle, powerful and electrifying.-Huffington Post

“John Dewey uncannily channels Buddy Holly down to his nerdy-cool charisma and nasal Texas drawl. At first, I couldn’t tell if the vocals and instruments were live because they were just that good. I had to listen to Holly on Spotify in between acts to ensure that the vocals weren’t being lip synced.” -Phawker

“Could there be a better Buddy Holly than John Dewey?  I don’t think so. The passion of a bespectacled young man in his teens and early twenties, whose youth refuses to believe in boundaries, is perfectly exemplified by the beautifully authentic performance of Dewey.” -New Hope Free Press

“John Dewey again plays Buddy Holly, and without a great lead as the linchpin to this bio-musical, the show would not work.  But there is no one who could do this job better.  I am sure that after this run, Mr. Dewey will need an exorcism to free himself from the soul of Buddy Holly. He is that on the mark.” -New Hope Free Press

Rock and Roll Man

“John Dewey is amazingly versatile as he portrays Buddy Holly, Pat Boone and other cameos.” -The Cultural Critic


“Andrew [was] portrayed with good-natured aplomb and humanity by John Dewey” -Blog Critics

“Ensemble member John Dewey’s stoic performance of one of Shakespeare’s most famous songs “Sigh no more, ladies sigh no more” was fun, and the standout moment of the evening.” -Theater Online